Time tracking the easy way!

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Use Xpert-Timer to track project times easily effectively fast

Use the timebar to choose the project you are working on. As soon as you change the project name, the time starts running. Once finished, hit the "Stop" button to stop the time tracking. Additionally you can leave a comment for every timestamp saved.

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Software for time tracking

The Xpert-Timer timebar floats on your desktop and displays the current running project as well as used time and costs. Besides using the automatic timer, you can also enter your project time and cost manually.

Identify time wasting tasks!

The software comes with built-in professional reports that you can change and design individually to suit your needs. They will help you to identify your time killers and help you to optimize your workflow.

Don't lose billable minutes

The invoicing module included in Xpert-Timer assures, that you will never lose a billable minute again. Add reimbursable expenses to your project and create an invoice at any time.

and more...

New in Version 6:

  • Price Lists - Individual hourly rates per project, per employee and per daytime
  • Booking archive - Commit time stamp for specific date range
  • Open attachments directly from the To-Do list
  • Direct display of an e-mail imported from Outlook
  • Add any document as a task with drag & drop from Windows Explorer
  • New dialog when splitting timestamps
  • The contact person for the project is now displayed in the project overview
  • Remote configuration of Android Sync clients
  • Encrypted connection over SSL when using the XTSyncServer

Additional features:

  • Project time tracking
  • Single timestamps with comment
  • User defined fields for projects, tasks, clients
  • Client management
  • Project history
  • Outlook module (Additional module)
  • Billing (Quotes, Invoices, Reminders)(Additional module)
  • Reimbursables ledger (Additional module)
  • Document management (Additional module)
  • User management
  • Access rights per user
  • Reporting module
  • Synchronisation with offline Windows clients or Android devices (Additional module)
  • Timebar floating on desktop
  • CTI-Module (Additional module)
  • To-Do List
  • Export to Excel
  • Mobile version available for Android (available @ Google Play)