How many licenses do I need?

Standard user

Xpert-Timer is licensed per username. For example, if there are 10 employees working in your company, you'll need 10 licenses for Xpert-Timer.

User only in charge for reporting

A user, who is only responsible for the reporting also needs a full license.

External employee you need to track the time for

If you want tot track the time for external employee or someone who never logs into the sytem, you can use the "No-Login" User license to add the name of the employee to the Xpert-Timer system. Then you can manually add timestamps for that user.

Only Android users

If some of your employees only work with Android devices and never log into the Xpert-Timer system, you can purchase "Android user" licenses for those employees. They can synchronize the timestamps from their Android to the main database, but can never log into the Xpert-Timer System for Windows. The Android App for Xpert-Timer is available on Google Play.
If you plan on having Android devices synchronize, you additionally need XTSyncServer. To request a trial license contact: