We are moving to a new Microsoft Server. What do we need to do?

Please follow these steps to move from one to another server:

1. Create a database backup of your Xpert-Timer database on your old system. If you are using a MS-SQL database, create a .bak file. If you use Microsoft Access, copy the xt.mdb file.
2. Rename the old database, so you don't accidentaly connect with it.
3. Restore your backup on your new server or place the Access file on a network drive.
4. Make sure, all clients own the neccessary access rights to connect to the Microsoft SQL Server.
5. Install the newest version of XTAdmin on your server and connect to the new database. Save the connection.
6. If you've installed Xpert-Timer on every single computer, you can startup Xpert-Timer now. Xpert-Timer won't find the original database anymore (as you've renamed it) and you will be promted to enter a new database connection. Now point to the new database and save the connection.
7. If you've installed Xpert-Timer only once on your network drive and you've also placed the xperttimer.ini file in the program folder, you can startup Xpert-Timer from the network drive, configure the new database connection and that's it.

Now, all users can work with Xpert-Timer again.

In case you experience connection problems, please double check the access rights of your clients to the new SQL Server. Most of the time the domain settings block the access.