I'm moving to a new computer, what do I need to do?

1. Start Xpert-Timer on your old system. Open the System info at "Help" -> "Info..." -> System info and write down your database location. In case you are using a MySQL or MS-SQL database, you don't need to copy and database file. In this case continue with point 4.

2. Start Windows Explorer and navigate to that path where the database is saved. (For Microsoft Access and SQLite databases)

3. Shut down Xpert-Timer.

4. Copy your database file (xt.mdb or xt.sqlite) on a Thumb drive or copy it to a location you have access to on your new computer. You might want to email it.

5. Now install the newest version of Xpert-Timer on your new system. Go ahead and install the 30 day trial version.

6. Now start up the new Xpert-Timer and again navigate to "Help" -> "Info..." -> System info and find the path to your database.

7. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the path.

8. Shut down the "new" Xpert-Timer.

9. Now copy and replace the "new" database xt.mdb or xt.sqlite with the database file from your "old" computer. The file should be named xt.mdb or xt.sqlite. If you still work with a pt.mdb, please rename it to xt.mdb.

10. Now start up Xpert-Timer and it should access the data from your old computer and everything should be up and running.

In case you get a database error, please copy the database from your old system again. Usually this happens if you copy the file but haven't shut down Xpert-Timer completely.