I've updated, but want to go back to the old version!

When updating Xpert-Timer, a backup is automatically created in the "Backup" folder in your Xpert-Timer directory. Befor you update the software you should create a database backup, which is stated in the update wizard. If you are using MS-Access or SQLite you might find a backup of your database in your "Backup" folder as well. If you are using MySQL or MS-SQL as your database, you have to manually restore the backup to get the old version running.

Copy the xperttimer.exe in your "Backup" folder back into your Xpert-Timer program directory and overwrite the new xperttimer.exe (new version). This is enough to go back to the old version.
Copy the database file (xt.mdb or xt.sqlite) to your database directory. You can find the directory path in your project manager -> Help -> About Xpert-Timer -> System info. Rename your existing database there, in case something goes wrong, and copy your old one into this folder.

Now Xpert-Timer will use the old program version and will connect to your database of the old version.