What's new in version 5.0?

Xpert-Timer Pro/Enterprise [Multi user]

  • New: New filter in toolbar in order to filter for multiple task states at one time
Client manager
  • New: Seperate contact manager in client manager dialog
  • New: Individual currency for each client
  • New: New overview page available for each client, including all recently entered data
  • New: Add emails from Outlook to document manager by using drag&drop
  • New: Import Outlook emails to document manager
  • New: New excel export
  • - New export dialog
    - Export fields can now be chosen
    - Header names can be changed
    - Export formats can be changed, e.g. date, time, hours, percent an many more
    - Width of columns can be set
    - Summarizing is possible
    - Colors and styles can be set

  • New: User defined fields in the invoice dialog.
  • New: Notes for projects
  • New: 5 additional project states, e.g. "Waiting for release", "Quoted", "To be billed"
  • New: User definied fields for projects
Project manager
  • New: New chart for timestamp list
  • New: New chart for project list
  • New: User defined fields for quotes
  • New: Completely new reporting module
  • - Reporting of clients/users/user groups
    - Summarizing of clients, projects, users, dates and much more
    - Grouping of clients, projects, users, dates and much more
    - Support of different currencies
    - Excel-Export of results
    - Graphics of results

  • New: Import Outlook emails into tasklist
  • New: Convert Outlook emails to tasks by dragging&dropping them into the task area
  • New: Notes can now be added to tasks
  • New: Add attachments to tasks
  • New: New task states: 1) Test 2) Test successful 3) Test failed 4) Problem occured 5) Ready
  • - plus 5 additional states, free to be named

  • New: New fields for "Shortname" or "Title" in the user settings