Xpert-Timer Basic

Xpert-Timer Basic
Xpert-Timer Basic focuses on time tracking only. It's a Single User Version and it includes the the time tracking on projects, reporting, To-Do list, the project history and reminders.

Xpert-Timer Basic is the perfect project time tracking tool, if you need a simple way to track project based time. You can create timestamps for main projects, subprojects or tasks and assign project types to the projects in order to filter the information for the reports. Print the reports and attach them to the invoices for your clients. This way your client knows exactly what you did over what periode of time. Perfect!

Xpert-Timer Basic is only available for Single Users. If you happen to need the invoice module, the client management, the document management or the synchronization with your Android, you have to purchase Xpert-Timer Pro or Xpert-Timer Enterprise.
Xpert-Timer Basic project structure:

Xpert-Timer Basic project structure

You can download Xpert-Timer Basic in the download section on the website. You can test it for 30 days and keep the saved data when you purchase the product.