Xpert-Timer Mobile

Main dialog in Xpert-Timer Mobile
Project time tracking on your Android device

Mobile time tracking has never been easier! Xpert-Timer Mobile is the perfect project time tracking app for your Android devices. Track your working hours and bill your clients accordingly. You can add a comment to every time stamp you stop. Print reports to PDF (additional module), or send your reports through email and/or export them to .html. If you need to work with the data later on, you can also export it to .csv. An included To-Do list helps you keep track of all jobs that need to be done.

In case you want to synchronize your data with our Xpert-Timer for Windows, you need to purchase Xpert-Timer and XTSyncServer additionally.

You can buy the app in Google Play

Please visit our mobile website for further details: http://www.xperttimermobile.com