Business branches that use our software

Internal calculation

Engineers use Xpert-Timer

Predefined projects and activities can be recorded to the minute in the Xpert Timer. These recorded project times serve as the basis for the calculation of internal costs. An example: The IT department of a company is used by all departments. Sometimes it's the installation of a new printer, sometimes a bug in the system. The time that the IT department spends in the different departments is recorded in projects or activities in the software. At the end of the month, you can see exactly which department has been using the IT department for how long, for what and how often.

Service provider

Consultants use Xpert-Timer

Do you calculate your working hours on an hourly basis? For the exact documentation of the various activities on behalf of a customer, Xpert-Timer is perfect. All individual steps of a service are recorded in the project time tracker and can be billed with the invoice module in Xpert Timer. The end customer will be pleased with the exact listing of the processing time and annoying inquiries are eliminated.

Capacity Management

Capacity management

The Capacity and Performance Management creates a process-related performance measurement across the defined organizational areas. Typically, capacity and performance management is implemented in processing departments and the traditional back-office units. The basic requirement for this method is the transparency of the processes. Classic indicators include, for example, processing times and lead times. That's exactly what Xpert-Timer supports. With Xpert-Timer every process is measured in daily operation with little effort and thus determines a realistic processing time and throughput time of the processes. This is the basis for determining the current performance and the basis for continuous performance improvement. If the necessary transparency can be gained through processes, it can also be used sustainably for process control and thus also for corporate management.

For self-control

For self-control

Freelancers use Xpert-Timer as a self-monitoring software. Timing keeps concentration in one activity and interruptions, or digressions to other activities become less common. This helps to structure the daily routine, to avoid unnecessary interruptions and ultimately to increase productivity. For many Xpert-Timer users, it's interesting to see how much time was spent productively throughout the day.