Xpert-Timer Software

Document management

Use the document management in order to link project related documents to your projects. You can save the documents in your database, or just set a link to your data directory. To control the access to those documents, you can assing security levels to every document and user in the system. This way you can make sure, only allowed users have access to the information. This is an additional module you can purchase in the order process of Xpert-Timer Pro and Enterprise.

Please refer to the manual for further details about document manager.

You can save your documents as follows:

1. Safe as a shortcut: You set the link to a certain document. Be careful not to save the shortcut on a data of your local hard disk if you work in a team. Otherwise your team members won't be able to access to it.

2. Save in the datasafe: You save documents in the database. Since the documents are directly saved in the database, pay attention to not saving unneccessarly big files like pictures in there. This will blow up the database and make it slower. Avoid using the datasafe if you are working with a ACCESS-Database, since the probability of the loss depends on the size of the database.

3. Save in the datasafe (not editable): You save the document locked in the database.

4. Save as a template: In future, a random document can be used as a template for more documents that will be put in the datasafe (Not supported yet).

This is what the document manager looks like: