User-friendly software – happy users

Easy handling - happy users

The ECJ judgment of May 2019 requires employers to document the working hours of their employees. This decision will also affect the German labor market. For employees, the introduction of time recording initially means additional work and motivation for learning the software. That is why user-friendly handling is very important. It guarantees quick familiarization with the software, increases employee acceptance and, in the long term, makes the program reliable and enjoyable.

Efficient features and intelligent fast entry in the Xpert-Timer ensure easy and fast time recording. Over time, work steps can be analysed, time wasters identified and entire business processes optimized. More efficiency in everyday working leaves more time for other things.

Thuringia-based LACOS Computerservice GmbH has been using the Xpert-Timer time recording software for 10 years. The deciding factor was the automated timeline, which is visible on the monitor and enables more than 40 employees to easily record time. Managing Director Thomas Damme still remembers the introduction of the software: "The training in the core functions of the program - time recording and reporting - was quite easy for our team, because the program is very user-friendly and the automated timeline makes it really simple to handle the software. Also new employees get along very well with the Xpert-Timer after only a few minutes of training."

Easy-to-use interface

For the user interface in the Xpert-Timer, English and German are available for language selection. The user interface is clear and the structure is self-explanatory. In the configuration, each user can choose between a modern or classic user interface layout and set the color for the window background. With regard to the automated timeline, the user decides on the display elements, the font, the design, the button size and other properties. Numerous selection fields and help functions in the dialog boxes guarantee easy handling.

Clear screen layout

The software of Xpert-Timer offers a very large range of functions, which can be flexibly adapted to the individual requirements of a company. In the project manager different areas can be opened in a separate window. Through this clear screen layout, the user always keeps track. In addition, functions that are not needed can be hidden and displayed again if necessary. Employees will also find it easier if they only see the projects in their Xpert-Timer for which they are responsible. Corresponding settings have to be made in the rights management: "Through the rights management, we can configure the Xpert-Timer for each employee so that it remains clear and the rights are clearly assigned", describes Thomas Damme, CEO of LACOS Computer Service GmbH.

Flexibility due to modular concept

When implementing a modern, digital time recording, the responsible parties first formulate criteria that the future time recording software should fulfill. These factors are mostly related to software functionality, costs, technical requirements, privacy, and handling of the product.

With the current version 7, project times can be recorded clearly and securely cross-platform on PC, on smartphone or iPhone or via any Internet browser. Our competent support team will gladly advise you on the modular concept of Xpert-Timer, so that you can easily record and evaluate times with solutions adapted to company requirements.

Convince yourself of the user-friendliness of the Xpert-Timer software and find out in the non-binding 30-day trial whether the software meets your individual requirements and matches your company's workflow.

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