Increase in sales through time recording with Xpert-Timer

In conversation with Dr. Ralf Peiler, dentist and managing director of Praxisdesign

The team of Praxisdesign Dr. Peiler specializes in web design, logo design, printed matter, signs and practice photography for doctors and dentists. Over 20 years of experience and the license to practice medicine from Dr. Peiler as a dentist make Praxisdesign a marketing specialist in this area.

Company growth requires clear documentation

“Praxisdesign has grown continuously, so we needed a solution to clearly document and bill our services. In the search for suitable software for project time recording, we came across the Xpert-Timer product through a recommendation, ”says Ralf Peiler looking back.

The software from Xpert-Timer offers minute-by-minute time recording as well as extensive evaluation options that makes it easier to get started with time recording. With the decision of the European Court of Justice, employers will soon be legally obliged to document the daily working hours of their employees.

At first, the employees were somewhat critical of the introduction of new software, but one thing was clear: "Documentation is important and must happen," says Dr. Peiler and is happy about the effect of time recording:

„The extremely positive effect that the use of the Xpert-Timer software had for Praxisdesign quickly became apparent. With the minute-by-minute documentation of times, we have begun to record smaller services and bill them to our customers. This enabled us to increase our sales and the acquisition costs for the software were amortized several times in a short time.“

Calculations put to the test

The 7-person team of the marketing specialist has been successfully recording project times using the Xpert-Timer software for over 6 years. "We design printed matter and websites for dental practices and take care of the entire external appearance for doctors and dentists," explains Dr. Direction finder. “With Xpert-Timer we have a clear statement about how much time actually incurred per project. We are putting the project calculations to the test, as we mainly bill flat rates. The program helps us both with profitability control and with future project calculation. "

Task list supports project management

"We are very satisfied with the range of functions and the user-friendliness of the software," emphasizes Dr. Peiler. The most important functions for Praxisdesign are task management and time recording in Xpert-Timer. “The tasks are structured for each project and for each employee, so that each work step is precisely documented. When creating a new order, the boss receives this information via the task management. The task list is like our project management, ”explains the managing director.

Increased sales through structured work

Xpert-Timer enables the Praxisdesign team to work in a very structured manner: "No more tasks are forgotten and no recorded working times are overlooked when billing our customers," summarizes Dr. Peiler the advantages of the software and adds:

„Since the software was introduced, we have been able to significantly increase our company's turnover because we simply don't lose any more time.“

Excellent support from Xpert-Timer

“I only recently recommended the Xpert-Timer software to others,” says Ralf Peiler. He mentions the service and support for the program very positively: “The excellent support is also great. Emails are answered directly and, thanks to the proximity to the development team, it is possible to submit suggestions for improvement that are implemented. We are very happy with the current version. "

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