At the WWMG 2020

Our wife Schälchli had the privilege to start for the Innsbruck team "Red Angels" at the Winter World Master Games 2020 in Innsbruck.

There was an incredibly great and friendly atmosphere at the opening ceremony for the 3rd Winter World Master Games in Innsbruck. Over 3000 athletes met there to start in the age group 30+ in twelve different disciplines.

Our Mrs. Schälchli had the privilege to start for the Innsbruck Red Angels in the category ice hockey women 30+. She strengthened the team as a goalkeeper and showed a remarkable performance against the often superior opponents in the starting field.

No team had a recipe against the team from Canada, so they could take the gold medal home unbeaten. A mixed team of Canadians, Germans and Austrians won the silver medal. The German team from Ulm was able to secure the bronze medal, while the Innsbruck girls had to be satisfied with fourth place.

According to the motto "being there is everything", the Innsbruck team decided not to hire external players. Only Daniela Schälchli was accepted into the team due to an injury to Johanna Mühlegger.

"An incredibly great experience," enthuses Daniela Schälchli of the event. "A lot of new friendships were formed this weekend. I am very grateful that I was able to start for the team. I recommend everyone to take the chance to take part in this event." Where and when the next Winter World Master Games will take place is not yet known.

We also congratulate our employee for participating. Details of the event are available at:


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