Time recording accurate to the minute with Xpert-Timer

The new law of the European Court of Justice obliges employers to document the hours worked by employees. The software from Xpert-Timer makes it easier to get started with time recording by documenting times to the minute and clear “come-go reports”.

Experience reports from numerous users who use the Xpert-Timer for project time recording show the advantages of time recording for companies.

„As a web service provider, we receive work orders from our customers at tight intervals. Many tasks can be done quickly and only need a few minutes of time, but are relevant to sales due to the large number of orders ... ”, says a long-time Xpert-Timer user.

IIn numerous industries that offer consulting and support services, users benefit specifically from the minute-by-minute time recording of the Xpert-Timer program. Every service provided is recorded to the minute and billed to the customer. No more working time is lost and clear transparency in invoicing avoids unnecessary queries from the customer.

How does the minute-by-minute time recording work?

In the project manager of the Xpert-Timer, new clients, projects and tasks are created. Now you can easily and simply book times for projects or record them for customers - the fastest way to do this is via the timebar. It is floating on the user's monitor and contains buttons for the most important functions in Xpert-Timer. The individual design of the timebar takes can be set in the configuration of the Xpert-Timer - the position of the timebar on the screen can also be freely chosen.

A typical example from practice: The phone rings, a customer needs support with a software application. The employee selects the corresponding project or the respective customer in Xpert-Timer and starts the time measurement by clicking on the start button on the timebar. The current project or the customer for whom the time is being recorded appears on the timeline.

After a few minutes, the customer request is processed and the employee ends the time measurement by clicking the stop button on his timelbar. For clear documentation and tracking, it makes sense to create comments on the recorded time stamps. If necessary, you can print out the time stamp or send them directly to the client through email.

Time recording accurate to the minute to increase sales

With the up-to-the-minute time recording in the Xpert-Timer, companies that bill a large number of services can clearly document even the smallest expenditure to the customer and bill them transparently.

The team from Praxisdesign Dr. Peiler specializes in web design, logo, printed matter, signs and practice photography for doctors and dentists. The marketing specialist benefits significantly from the precise time recording:

“Xpert-Timer is an excellent tool for us, with which we record all working times for projects. So nothing is lost to us, no task is overlooked until it has been ticked off and no times slip through to the customer without billing them. The income has increased significantly - the program is in use every day and we don't want to miss it anymore. We are very satisfied with the program ”, praises owner Dr. Ralf Peiler.

Herbst & Kost computer solution advises private users and companies on all questions in the field of information and communication technology. The minute-by-minute and mobile timestamp function in Xpert-Timer enables the company to record significantly more times than before the introduction of the software and to bill customers transparently, reports Managing Director Thorsten Kost.

Xpert-Timer is precise - even the smallest work orders are recorded in terms of time and invoiced transparently and can thus make an essential contribution to increasing sales.

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