Time recording, controlling, billing - bundled in one software

Time recording, controlling, billing - bundled in one software

Interview with Axel Nordmann, technical editor TCTeam GmbH and user of the Xpert-Timer software since 2011

TCTeam is an independent service provider for technical documentation and offers authoring, consulting and auditing services. The company specializes in the field of rail vehicle technology. Focus: Creation of operating, maintenance and component documentation, development of documentation concepts, implementation of technical training courses.

Time recording for self-control

At the time TCTeam was founded in 2010, spontaneous and flexible working hours were initially planned, and implementation of the 40-hour week was to be based on trust. "However, I soon realized that I had a hard time estimating how long I had been working on a project and how much of my working time I had already used up. Because of this situation, we were looking for a time tracking software for self-control - also for the employees who travel a lot”, says Axel Nordmann.

It should be possible to clearly document times, even for employees who work in the field. The synchronization was therefore an important plus point in the decision for the Xpert-Timer. Axel Nordmann appreciates the user-friendliness of the software: "We have been using the Xpert-Timer since the company was founded - meanwhile 26 employees are working with the program. The software is easy to use and the timeline, which can be hidden if necessary, makes working with the application very enjoyable. I get along very well and like to try things out - the software is self-explanatory."

Keep track of important key figures

So far, TCTeam has used the Xpert-Timer for pure time recording. In the future, the goal is to be able to retrieve important company processes and key figures via the reporting module and thus always be up-to-date. Axel Nordmann explains: "The reporting module should enable us to find time-wasters, to detect and counteract disruptions on time and to evaluate costs incurred. Our employees should check whether the project status corresponds to the planned target specification. Is this not the case, we can act early to not jeopardize project progress."

With individual training quickly to the goal

"We decided to train on the Xpert-Timer so that all 26 employees can use the reporting module effectively and as soon as possible. Mrs. Schälchli from the Xpert-Timer team gave us valuable tips during the training and reacted spontaneously to all our questions. In general, the support for the software is really great - always very fast and reliable help", Mr. Nordmann points out, who took advantage of one or the other tip from the training: "My Xpert-Timer asks me every day when starting, with which database I would like to work. This little setting in the configuration was helpful for me because I'm working on the laptop with the local database and need to sync my data. When I'm in the office, I'm working with the central database." "We gradually implement the topics covered in the training", explains Mr. Nordmann. "Price lists and tasks are created, and comments on tasks we can filter for. In the near future, we also want to process our invoices through the Xpert-Timer program, so that all areas actually run on a single central system. It would be ideal for us now if we could organize our holiday planning via the Xpert-Timer", says Axel Nordmann. Work and vacation time recording is already under development in the Xpert-Timer team and is expected to be launched in the coming year as a new add-on to the Xpert-Timer Pro.

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