Version 6 is available

Version 6 has been on the market half a year and we have received a lot of positive feedback. Since then many other functions have been implemented. Here is a short list:

  • Displays the current timestamp comment (optional) -> Settings in the configuration -> General
  • The currently running time stamp can now be split by right-clicking on the time in the timeline.
  • The load times of the list views have been optimized.
  • The menu system has received a new background
  • You can now change the task status in the task list pop-up menu
  • Several positions can be moved at once in the invoice.
  • If a position in the invoice is deleted, it will disappear immediately and no longer be crossed out.
  • A new PDF export button is available in the invoice dialog.
  • With the Outlook module, e-mails from Thunderbird can now also be dragged and dropped into the Xpert timer.
  • The task number can now be printed as a QR code. So the task can be started directly with the Android app "Xpert-Timer Mobil".
  • Many of these changes were suggestions from our customers. Many thanks for the ideas.