Xpert-Timer 7 with web connection in spring 2019

Xpert-Timer Web release for 2019

The development of the new version 7 of the project time recording software Xpert-Timer is already well advanced. The release of version 7 is planned for spring 2019. Among the most important innovations in the upcoming desktop version, there are the “industry-specific terms” and the “application protocol”. The most striking innovation, however, is the web connection of Xpert-Timer.

The web connection allows access to the Xpert-Timer via a convenient web application (Xpert-Timer.Web). This application runs in every browser and gives employees access to the program, who previously had no way to use the desktop application. This makes it easy to track times on the road via Windows, Mac and mobile devices (Android, iOS). The necessary web server is integrated as a private cloud in the company network. It, therefore, offers a high degree of control and security – especially with regard to the GDPR this is a big advantage over conventional cloud solutions. Using a standardized web interface (REST), data and functions of Xpert-Timer can be linked with existing software packages now, thereby taking a major step towards the digitization of business processes.

Industry-specific terms in the desktop version allow users of the software to customize the complete program to their requirements with industry-specific terminology. For example, the “customer“ may then become the “principal“ and the “project“ the “order“. The new application protocol runs silently in the background of the software. In this way, it can be determined which applications (e.g. Word, Excel, CAD, etc.) were used for how long within a project. This provides a deeper insight into the way projects are handled and provides important hints for optimizing the underlying workflow.

Dashboard of Xpert-Timer 7 Web