Project time tracking

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Project time tracking for businesses

Why do you benefit from tracking your project time?

From the moment when there are several employees working on a project, it becomes difficult to track how much time was actually spent on the individual activities for the project. Daily interruptions, such as telephone calls, questions from colleagues, meetings and others, should be booked separately on tasks or projects. This is the only way to provide meaningful project controlling.

What does Xpert-Timer offer for project time tracking?

Track the productivity, attendance and billable hours with an easy to use time tracker. The software can handle project teams and mainly focuses on project time tracking. Employees only need to select a project and hit the "Start" button. A timebar hovers on the desktop so the user can always keep an eye on the time recoding.

"Since we recorded the times with the Xpert-Timer, we were able to bill about 50% more services." ... read more

Alexander Bechtold NEWLITE GmbH

"We use the time stamp function here, including the comment input, as a transparent proof of performance for our customers." ... read more

Dipl. Ing. Jens Jacksteit Sachverständigenbüro Peter Klug

"The income has increased significantly - the program is in daily use and we don't want to miss it anymore. We are very, very satisfied ..." - read more

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From the minute of the download to tracking time it will only take 10 minutes.

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Purchase license:

You buy the version once and you can use it as long as you want on your system.

Xpert-Timer Basic with many options for project time recording is available for just 89.00 Euros net. This is the single user version.
You can purchase Xpert-Timer Pro for teams for a one-time fee of 185.- Euros per user.

The interface (XTWeb/Cloudserver) for using the browser in combination with Xpert-Timer Pro only costs EUR 150.00 net.

And the last product for your calculation is the software maintenance for the first year of use for 37.- Euros per user (20% of the license value) for Xpert-Timer Pro, or 20.- Euros net for Xpert-Timer Basic.

You get a complete, team-compatible project time recording software for only 222.- net per user with Xpert-Timer Pro and you can use it as long as you want.


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Where is the software being developed?

Software - Made with passion in Bavaria

Our programmers are from bavaria. They are competent and studied information technology. Xpert-Timer was developed exclusively by our team.

Quality is critical

We take good care of our source code. Function, saftey and performance tests are routine. I'm sure you will be satisfied with the product.

Where is the data saved?

You can use Xpert-Timer across all platforms. You can decide to either use a traditional Windows application and install Xpert-Timer on your system, or to use the browser app to track your time. Either or, the data is saved in your company on your servers. In order to use the on-premises cloud option for the browser app, you need a Windows Server or system that runs 24/7.

Questions about the software:

How do you handle interruptions like phone calls?

You can assign projects the status "Interruption project". Phone calls projects usually hold that status. The means, if someone calls, you can change to the project "Phone call" by simply using a keyboard shortcut and as soon as you stop the project, the previous one will automatically start running again.

Time bar floating on desktop

How do you create reports?

Depending on the user settings, you can create and export data from the system. The reporting tool in Xpert-Timer is huge. You can categorize and summarize the data in all kinds of combinations, export the data and create win- / loss reports as well.

The user access management lets you decide what user can see what data. For example an question that often arizes is, if one user is allowed to see the tracked times of another user. Due to the privacy policy it's often not allowed. You can set the user access rights accordingly.

I'm often on the road. Can I track time anyways?

Yes, you can either use the on-premises cloud in order to track your time on the road, or if you don't have a reliable internet connection you can also track time and later synchronize it with the main database. You can either do that with a Windows Laptop or an Android Smartphone.

Can I extend the software with additional modules?

Yes, you can do so, as long as you are using Xpert-Timer Pro. There are no additional Modules available for Xpert-Timer Basic.

Do you have any more questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact us.