What's new in version 6.0?

Xpert-Timer Pro

Activity report
  • New: Price lists
  • - Price lists allow to map date-related validity for billing rates into price tables - Weekday and time-dependent surcharges
    - Qualification-dependent special billing rates for employees
    - Different currencies and special customer discounts

Client manager
  • New: Duplicate check
  • New: New "Contact person" column in the customer list
  • - Quick selection of the contact using the right mouse button

  • New: New filter modes "Project manager" and "Work group leader" in the project manager.
  • - Project manager: Shows only times / tasks / achievements / histories / users of projects that you are the project manager of. - Work group leader: Shows projects of users of other workgroups, working on the workgroup projects, as well as projects of other workgroups on which users of the own workgroup work on.

  • New: New modern user interface
  • However, the original, colorful interface can still be used through the "User interface: Classic" option in the configuration.

Outlook module
  • New: Automatic assignment of the emails via the email address of the project contact person
  • New: Automatic assignment of the e-mails via the project number in the subject of the e-mail
  • e.g. subject = "[0815] Meeting"

Project manager
  • New: New column "Contact person" in the project overview 53/5000 New column "Contact person" in the project manager
  • - Quick selection of the contact person via the right mouse button

  • New: Display and add notes on clients and projects in the project manager
  • New: Remote configuration of Android sync clients
  • In "Configuration-> System-> XTSyncServer"

  • New: Support of the right system on Android sync clients
  • New: Directly display an e-mail imported from Outlook in its own tab in the tasks area
  • New: Add any document as a task by dragging and dropping from Windows Explorer
  • New: Attachments can now be opened directly by right-clicking on the column "Attachments"
  • New: New options for splitting time stamps
    - splitting by duration, time, percentage

    - setting the billing status for each resulting time stamp
  • New: New column "Activity" including grouping by "Activity"
  • Every employee can now link their times to an activity (for example, travel, project management, troubleshooting, etc.). The grouping for "activity" can then be summed explicitly.